Any advice on the best way to start with an empty/clean Emerse installation?

We currently have the demo data in our Oracle DB and SOLR indexes. We will want this removed before we add real data. Is it easier/safer/better to do a clean install, or to instead just delete the records and data?
Clean install seems like the most “enterprise” way to do it, but also seems like the most risky especially with the DB. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we should approach this?

I think you can just delete the data directory inside your solr indexes, and that should remove all the documents but keep all the configuration you need (since that is in the conf directory and the file).

As for the Database, I’d just delete all the rows from a few tables, for instance, the patient, patient lists, patient list entries, and then the term bundle tables as well. In particular, I’d keep the document source and field and EMR intent tables. You could delete login accounts if you want too, but that might end up requiring you to delete a lot of audit information too.

If you want a cleaner database, I’d back up the schema to another schema, then drop the schema and restore a few tables. Probably just the document source, field and EMR intent tables, and the SOLR_INDEX table.