Changing display name of MRN in the UI

Is it possible to safely do this? Tried to change it via the DISPLAY_NAME in the DOCUMENT_FIELDS table but that didn’t do the trick. Note that we are using de-identified data in our instance, so we don’t have MRN’s in the system, we instead have a scrambled PatientDurableKey. It would just be less confusing for our users if we could display PatientDurableKey as the label instead of MRN everywhere in the UI.

The DISPLAY_NAME column would be the way to change it but unfortunately, we hard-coded a lot (if not all) of the MRN wording in the UI. It’s a required column, so it wasn’t something we anticipated needing to vary. So, it isn’t supported currently.

Having said that, since they are just hard-coded, you could go through the HTML files in the exploded war of the application and change the word “MRN” to something else. It shouldn’t break the application… but I’d save the files before you change them anyway. You may need to adjust CSS styles too (to make table columns larger for instance) depending on what you change.