EMERSE 4.10.7 is released

EMERSE 4.10.7 has been released!

Please contact us directly for the source code or WAR file, sample indexes (if a new install), etc.

The documentation has also been updated:


This updated documentation should make things easier to understand when implementing or configuring the system, based on a lot of feedback we have received.

A few things to check out include the upgrading guide, if you are moving from version 4.4.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and if you run into problems it would be ideal to post them on this site as opposed to e-mail so that others can viewed the communication exchange as well.


David H.


We are currently running EMERSE 4.10.7, but I see that 4.10.8 is available.

Should we upgrade?

Thank you,


4.10.8 is a bug fix release. The only bug it fixes is that on certain pages, in the top bar, the patient list count only reflects the count for the current page of the list, not the entire list. So, if you have a patient list of less than 500 patients, the count should always be right, but if your list has more than 500 patients, in some screens the count will be 500, unless you are on the last page of the patient list, in which case it’ll be however many end up on that page.

If you want to upgrade, all you need to do is replace the emerse.war in your tomcat. If you don’t have a link to the folder holding the war, I can send that to you.