Concepts from standardized ontologies

Hi EMERSE team,

I work with UCSF Information Commons, where we’re using EMERSE for deidentified text exploration. I would like to see if there is interest in using standardized ontologies in this community

Our other big effort is in providing users with standard concepts extracted from notes with cTAKES and other custom pipelines. As a part of it, we’ve built a simple javascript-based tool to overlay concepts on notes, which is available here:

Is anyone here interested in integrating standard ontologies (and capacity to visualize them) into EMERSE? Or someone who’d be able to advice how to integrate it?

Hi! Yes, we are very interested in integrating standard ontologies as well as NLP support into EMERSE. In fact, we are currently exploring various options, including integration with cTAKES. Thank you for sharing your code as well. I’m wondering if we might set up a time to meet to discuss your experiences so far and what our current thoughts are based on the preliminary work we have done.

Great. I’ve sent an email to coordinate a meeting.

Hi David, I’ve sent you an email to set up a meeting, please let me know if you didn’t receive it