Does EMERSE support Oracle 19C?

Does EMERSE support Oracle 19C? Our database team is asking me if it is ok to upgrade to this version.

I’m not aware of anyone running it on 19C, but for development, we do run it on 18C, so I think 19C should be pretty safe.

This is the response I received from our database team.

Thanks for letting me know. Do they have a timeline for when they’d be able to certify 19C? Oracle doesn’t recommend going to 18C at this point, so I would agree that it would not be a wise option.

We can upgrade our development environment to 19C over the next week and verify everything works and get back to you. Certainly if there is any problems, we want to support the latest Oracle version and can push a patch of EMERSE out to you.

I installed 19c and didn’t observe any issues with it with the dev dataset. Our organization’s DBA plan to upgrade from 12.2 this summer.