Emerse 6.1.x upgrade question related to DB

We’re getting ready to upgrade our system and I noticed that the latest emerse.war file doesn’t have an oracle ODBC driver jar file. Is that ok?
I’m new to gradle and I can see that for build/dev it’s helpful to use the lightweight MariaDB, but in production we will still be on Oracle. Do I need to manually add a jar to tomcat somewhere or is this going to be OK because of Hibernate/etc.?


You will need to get the JDBC jar, and put that into tomcat’s lib directory. It looks like I don’t have that in the installation guide, or setup guide, so I’ll have to add that. But, it is in the Upgrade guide here. You’ll also have to select the ds.dialect property too. For oracle, you should use a value of org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle12cDialect. (There isn’t a more specific dialect for Oracle 19.) I know it’s perhaps a little funky, so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Thanks for this. Now found another issue. The upgrade.sql script for 6.0 from https://github.com/project-emerse/emerse/releases has an error.

Near the bottom there is a rogue line breaking the script:
version, namely, those users who can access EMERSE.’, ‘EXECUTED’, ‘seed_data’, NULL, ‘4.2.2’, ‘2540816332’);

Is something missing?

I think that line should not be there at all. I replaced the upgrade.sql without that line.

(We use liquibase, but we normally distribute the sql scripts with the statements related to liquibase specifically removed, and that line was a lingering part of such a liquibase-related statement.)