Is it safe to expand LOGIN_ACCOUNT.CREATED_BY column?

We’ve added Shibboleth login to Emerse, using our EPPN for the Login ID within Emerse. However, our EPPN’s are 15 characters long, and while that works for standard login, it creates this issue when we try and add new users from an EPPN based administrator:

Caused by: oracle.jdbc.OracleDatabaseException: ORA-12899: value too large for column “EMERSE”.“LOGIN_ACCOUNT”.“CREATED_BY” (actual: 15, maximum: 12)

A few ways we could solve this, but I’d prefer to just expand the CREATED_BY column in that table. It actually seems like a bug that this column doesn’t match the size of the USER_ID column as they both reference the same data.

So this in the create/update SQL:
ALTER TABLE EMERSE.login_account ADD created_by VARCHAR2(12);
should instead be:
ALTER TABLE EMERSE.login_account ADD created_by VARCHAR2(50 BYTE);

Eric, I think this should be fine. I checked the admin app- which allows 32 chars and the database mapping allows for 50 and I can’t think of any validation or manipulation that the code does with ID.


Yep. We went ahead and made the change and everything is fine. Thanks!